Pie in the Sky

This is a video I made earlier this year as part of an in class assignment to show the three arc structure of a hero’s journey. As the name suggests, the story is about a dream that the protagonist has repeatedly. The first part depicts the day to day life, a well trodden path that always leads home. The second depicts the adventure that the hero takes after he finally decides to accept the call to adventure. The journey leads him through various paths, across the sea, down a sub terranian realm and finally through a window. Throughout the journey, the progatonist faces strange new worlds and is repeatedly warned by an entity to return. Eventually he realises that almost is walking in the opposite direction. Hope however is never too far away, as guiding lights and pillars are always there to show him the way and every once in a while people who went before him. When he finally crosses over the final threshold, that is the window, the hero finds himself in a huge and beautiful forest, that is filled with gigantic old trees and a path that leads him to a garden… the garden of Eden?

I hope you  like it… 😀



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