My New Logo

The logo is composed of the two initials S and S for Samuel Sawian encasing T for Theodore.

Its been a while since I have used my middle name, probably since high school. I’m not sure about the reason for this, maybe I thought it was too hoidy toidy. The logo represents my coming to terms with every single aspect of who I am.

The two Ss encasing the T also represent my belief in the preservation of the inner child, in this case the creative self. In time the walls of the S have grown thicker stronger while the form of the T has been etched and properly defined in metal. It is the energy of the T that sustains the Ss.

The color blue represents  Creativity, Honesty and Peace.  Black stands for Strength, Mystery and Timelessness. The final background and core color is a mix of both these colors. The white in the S and the borders represents Purity, Elegance and Positive Energy. These are the beliefs that inspire me and that I aspire to imbibe in my creations.

The logo on a whole is a symbol of strength and is inspired from the structure of a Knight’s Helm. It ascribes to the ideal of “Never Give Up Never Give In” and in this definite self resembles the Omega symbol.


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