Contextual Inquiry

Contextual Inquiry was conducted in a team tounderstand and identify the design opportunities for the Tools of the Temple Sculptors.

Some of the methodologies applied are:

• Regular field visits

• Partnerships

• Teacher-student relationship

• Observations

• Interpretations

• Affinity Diagram


Systems Study of Kirana Market, Ahmedabad

Brief: Understand and Study the System of MadhavpuraMarket (Kirana main market) at Old City,Ahmedabad

Role: Worked in a team of 8 primarily as an interviewer

Process: Field Visits, User Studies and Information Analysisconducted in a team.

Information Visualization of the followingreflected the basic operating functionins of themarket.

• Space Plan

• Activities

• Communication

A Market Structure was developed as an outcomeof our understanding of the systems within theMadhavpura market.

For a detailed documentation of the project, please visit: Digitadka

Design Concepts and Concerns

Creative and digital solutions for small scale industries:

Brain Storming

Classification of the data and structuring each element of the domain according to its relation at that level to understand the roots of the system.

Metaphor showing struggle of small industries against big gaints in the industry.


Final Structure:

Comprehending huge data into simplified diagram making it more meaningful in terms of its interpretation .it is majorly classified into concerned areas along with sub categorization covering related problems, opportunity areas and solutions.

Yeti Bakery for IPhone

Yeti Bakery for iPhone is a group project done in Adobe Flash.You play a Yeti, the owner of the Yeti Bakery. Your bakery is being invaded by evil pastries. Using the power of Yeti’s 3D glasses, you must defeat the evil pastries!

The game was made in a less than 24 hour game jam and is out on the Apple App Store. It is available in English and Korean.

Role: Programmer

Here are some screenshots of the game:


Iaiong is the story of two brothers Kyllang and Symper, born to the priest king Bor Sing Syiem. Their friendship and loyalty is put to the test in this tale of love, magic and greed.

The following is the first of a three part story that is based on Khasi Mythology. The Khasis are a tribe from the north eastern part of India. Iaiong literally translated means The Black Times and is also the name of the month of April. The complete story will be added shortly.